• Features

  • Work It Out

    Get a great workout, whether you're a total beginner or a pro fighter. Comes with preset rounds and workouts so you can get started right away. No special equipment needed.

  • Mix It Up

    Fight Trainer uses a "fuzzy" randomization engine to give you a different set of techniques each time you run a workout.

  • Personal Trainer

    Fight Trainer is highly configurable, ambidextrous, and not specific to any style or art. It's like having a personal fight trainer that never gets tired!

  • Custom Workouts

    Build your own rounds and workouts tailored to your individual goals and needs. Adjust the balance between attack types, defense, footwork, and exercises.

  • Interval Timer

    Full featured round timer is great for interval training. Adjustable preparation, round, warning and rest periods with visual and audio alerts.

  • Music

    Integrated with your iTunes library, so you can work out to your favorite playlist.